The Business & Operations Group (B&O) provides services to manage and operate many of the same type of facilities we have planned and implemented for airport owners and their tenants. The B&O group also specializes in niche services ranging from planning international rental car facilities to creating strategies to enhance an airport’s brand and customer experience. All of our services are developed in collaboration with our clients with a focus on improving efficiency, customer service, and quality.

The B&O staff draws on their unique experience having been involved in projects from both sides – as a consultant to airports and as a tenant operating food & beverage concessions and rental car operations at airports. J|D’s planning and operational experience naturally complement each other resulting in complete, well thought out, and executed business plans and strategies.


Through our experience working with as well as representing rental car companies, we know how critical the car prep and vehicle shuttle functions are to the success of the operations. Yet, the industry faces numerous challenges with operational inefficiencies, poor quality, high turnover, management difficulties, etc. We have a great solution to handle these functions for the rental car industry so they can focus on their front line employees and customers. Our customer-centric service model emphasizes professionalism and provides the opportunity for upward mobility for the car prep and shuttle employees through management training and opportunities in other markets.

Our service includes these key components:

• Value proposition — competitive pricing based on a pay-for-performance formula
• Flexible staffing levels to meet the real-time demands of the business
• Customer service focus with built-in performance tracking & quality control audits
• Fully insured & licensed for reduced liability
• State-of-the art vehicle cleaning process, technology, and equipment
• Eco-friendly process & products
• Diverse, highly trained, and certified Class B & C fuel system operators. All of our employees must pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and have a valid driver license
• Business certifications to help the airports and industry reach diverse hiring goals
– Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
– Small Business Administration 8(a) Business Development Program
– Airport Concessionaire Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE)


As the international car hire business continues to grow, the industry and airports are looking for solutions to promote business, increase efficiency, and improve customer service. J|D has a unique understanding of the international car hire market and thorough understanding of the car hire facilities and operations at most of the major airports in the U.K., Ireland, Germany, France, and Spain. We leverage our extensive experience with North American rental car operations to integrate best practices into our planning for international car hire operations. We have participated in consolidated car hire facility projects for U.K. airports and have successfully completed numerous facility projects for individual car hire companies throughout Europe. We know how to navigate the international airport environment and integrate car hire projects into an airport’s long-term development plans.


J|D is a fully accredited ACDBE firm offering qualifications and expertise in airport parking operations. We have a proven track record of successfully planning and guiding development of airport parking policies, procedures, and facilities. We also understand how to operate parking facilities. Through partnerships with industry-leading parking operators, J|D fulfills many critical functions in the day-to-day operation of airport parking facilities as well as provides long-term planning needs through our demand forecasting and strategic planning expertise.

• Best practices to improve operational efficiencies and capacity
• Directional way-finding, signage and internal vehicular circulation enhancements
• Revenue control and park assist systems
• Employee recruiting, on-boarding, training, and community outreach
• Valet operations
• General administration and payroll
• Management of outsourced custodial and landscaping services
• Ongoing facility maintenance


J|D leverages its in-house expertise in rental car facilities and operations and teams up with industry leaders in airport design and construction to offer a turn-key approach to plan, design, construct, and operate airport and rental car support facilities. Through our planning and operational experience, we understand the unique requirements of these specialized facilities — whether quick turnarounds (QTAs), consolidated rental car facilities, vehicle service centers, or airport parking garages — and we know how to successfully navigate the airport development process. Our process results in cost-effective, efficient facilities built on time, tailored to the client’s needs, and designed for ongoing operating and maintenance costs savings.


When air travelers plan their trips, do you think their decisions might have anything do with a previous visit to your airport? Were they impressed with your local or regional character — whether in concession themes, retail offerings, or overall airport ambiance? J|D understands the power of brand. We know what it takes to design, implement, and sustain a distinctive, identifying brand strategy for an individual airport or a global network of airport tenant facilities. The B&O staff has successfully worked for and with global brands to apply their strategies accurately and consistently throughout their network of facilities. J|D teams up with industry brand enhancement and implementation leaders to provide a global capability to help airports and companies execute cost-effective, time-efficient brand campaigns.



Jacobsen|Daniels is pleased to present Fly Away Valet, offering customers the most convenient airport parking with personalized assistance designed to delight.

Good to See

When you arrive at the airport, our professional, uniformed staff will greet you with a smile, help you with your luggage, offer you a complimentary bottle of water, coffee and the daily newspaper, take your keys and bid you bon voyage – you’ll be on your way in less than 3 minutes.

When you land, simply send us a text and we’ll have your car waiting with the engine running and a comfortable interior temperature.

Payment is quick and easy in our climate controlled cashier lobbies, conveniently located near the pick up area. Our attendants will always open your door, load your bags, thank you for your business and send you on your way.

In time, our team will know you, your vehicle, and we will greet you by name. At Fly Away Valet, you are our top priority, and we promise to deliver the highest quality customer service experience.

Good to Know

While you’re away, our trained and fully insured professionals will handle your car with care; vacuuming the interior, cleaning your windshield, and parking it within view our watchful eye 24/7. In most markets, we also offer a number of additional services and amenities all designed to improve your journey and simplify your life.

Good for You

No more wasting time searching for an open parking space or trying to remember where you parked your car. Fly Away Valet is always open with available space in close proximity to the terminals.

To thank customers for their loyalty, we offer various perks and promotions throughout the year, including a frequent parker program where customers can earn points towards free parking, services and amenities.

We realize the valet operations will be some customers’ first and last impression of the Airport, we take that responsibility seriously and will do everything in our power to deliver exceptional valet service.

FAV Oval