The Operational Services Group (OS) provides services to manage and operate many of the same type of facilities J|D plans and develops for airport owners and their tenants. Our range of experience and capabilities naturally complement each other, resulting in complete, well thought out and executed business plans and strategies.  We believe this sets us apart from other firms who are just operators.  The OS Group specializes in niche services ranging from airport valet parking and facility management to customized hospitality concession concepts, all developed in close collaboration with our clients with a focus on improving the customer experience.

As a nationally certified MBE, DBE and ACDBE company, we can help airports and clients meet their minority participation and supplier diversity goals.

It all begins with an open dialogue, in this spirit, we are eager to discuss your opportunity and encourage you to contact Kurt Schwager at kurt.schwager@jacobsendaniels.com to begin the conversation.




When it comes to parking J|D is much more than an airport valet operator.  We have a proven track record of helping airports develop parking strategies, policies, and procedures, as well as managing facility developments.  We also understand how to operate and maintain parking facilities. Through partnerships with industry-leading parking operators, J|D fulfills many critical functions in the day-to-day operation of airport parking facilities such as:

  • Cashier functions
  • Customer assistance – service agents, assist with locating customer vehicles, jump starts, fuel service
  • Customer amenities – car wash, oil change, and food delivery services
  • Facility audits and inventory counts
  • Facility management and general maintenance
  • Employee recruiting, staffing and training
  • Business administration, payroll, and HR support
  • Demand forecasts and strategic planning
  • Operational efficiency and capacity enhancement plans
  • Vehicular circulation, signage, and branding plans


Through our experience working for and with rental car companies, we know how critical the car prep and vehicle shuttle functions are to the success of the operations. Yet, the rental car industry faces numerous challenges with these functions like operational inefficiencies, poor quality, high turnover, management difficulties, etc. We have great solutions to handle these functions for the rental car industry so they can focus on their front line employees and customers. Our customer focused service model emphasizes professionalism, speed, and quality.  All of our employees pass a thorough screening and training process, including Class B & C fuel system certification if necessary.


J|D leverages its in-house expertise in rental car facilities and operations and teams up with industry leaders in airport design and construction to offer a turn-key approach to plan, design, construct, and operate airport and rental car support facilities. Through our planning and operational experience, we understand the unique requirements of these specialized facilities — including Quick Turnarounds (QTAs), consolidated rental car facilities, vehicle service centers, or airport parking lots and garages — and we know how to successfully navigate the airport development process. Our process results in cost-effective, efficient facilities that are built on time, tailored to the client’s needs, and designed for ongoing operating and maintenance costs savings.


When air travelers plan their trips, do you think their decisions might have anything do with a previous visit to your airport? Were they impressed with your local or regional character — whether in concession themes, retail offerings, or overall airport ambiance? J|D understands the power of brands and the customer experience. We know what airport customers want and we know how to plan, design, implement, and sustain a distinctive brand and customer experience strategy for airports.  We team with industry leading brand agencies and leverage our in-house expertise in concessions planning, terminal design, construction management, and operations to deliver a turn-key approach to enhance the customer experience.