J|D’s GIS Services offers a variety of spatial services and products to fit your geographical needs and with our experienced staff we look forward to assisting you with your GIS projects.

Providing support for the staple planning tools for airports and the FAA, J|D offers Airport Layout Plan (ALP) and Airport Geographic Information Systems (AGIS) services. Staffed with FAA AGIS Level 3 certificated CADD and GIS technicians, J|D offers expert ALP, eALP, and AGIS support. Our knowledgeable staff understands the intensive data collection and validation involved in preparing high quality, accurate, and accessible ALPs and AGIS files that meet the FAA’s requirements for approving projects. Equally importantly, we understand how airport staff uses this information internally. We can guide you through data collection, preparation of the AGIS submittal, preparation of an eALP or “Paper” ALP, and help you develop the process for maintaining and updating the data.


Some of the key products:

  • AGIS
  • eALP
  • Master Lease Agreement
  • Terminal Directories
  • Live Master Plans

The journey begins with an open dialogue, to help broaden your field of vision, we are eager to discuss your  geography needs and we encourage you to contact Vince Hamilton at  to begin the conversation.


Is GIS the answer? Will GIS meet your requirements? What resources exist to support the GIS applications?  To answer these questions you must understand what GIS can offer.  Our GIS team identifies the participating users and will map the current business process to understand the data used and the data flow.  We determine how current business activities may be improved with GIS technology with a summary of our findings. In some cases, GIS can be used as a way of completing new processes that were considered impractical.


The system design is based on and consistent with findings from the GIS Assessment.  Our goal is to design a system that addresses the needs identified during the assessment.  We also design a system that will allow for future growth and is well suited for your business environment.


With office locations and skilled GIS staff throughout the nation, we understand how important the data collection process is in determining your spatial needs. Assessing any needed data conversions and extracting that data to fit your business needs is crucial for developing a firm spatial foundation.


Through our GIS hosting services we strive to customize the way you view your data.  The creation of web-based mapping applications, help enhance user’s spatial data internally and externally.  Allowing real-time team collaboration and GPS location for mobility.


  • Providing a simple platform that is designed for great user experience
  • Creating web-based maps to fit what developers want for their personnel
  • Strategies for integration with other services of providing a fully functional web maps.


Data updates provided by the client will be reflected in applications after data is confirmed through the data collection and extracting process.  All systematic approaches will be vetted during the update delivery process for more efficient processing and improving data integrity.


Our goal is to establish GIS as an accessible function within a business that supports your processes, culture, and context of your organization.  An assessment of the current business processes will help formulate capabilities and gaps.  By understanding the GIS functionalities available, the J|D GIS Team identifies requirements, roles, and responsibilities of the data.  The data is then unified, integrated and deployed.  The improved processes help design the future business needs.