One of the most critical components to successful project implementation is knowing how all the pieces fit together — from concept development through planning and from design and construction to project close-out, facility management, and operation. This significant insight and expertise brings an added dimension to our technical representation, project management, and construction management services for capital projects around the country.


J|D has successfully programmed, constructed, and activated over a dozen consolidated rental car facilities (CONRAC). Our work has comprised managing all phases of development — from concept development through planning, design and construction, to facility management and operations. And we have also represented rental car companies making sure the design intent of their new facilities becomes a reality and meet their unique operational, retail, and customer service demands. No detail is overlooked — from identifying car wash equipment, blowers, and fueling management systems to developing key signage and specifying the telecommunications program requirements.

• Concept development and facility requirements

• Operational planning/phasing

• Construction coordination

• Negotiation support

• Issue identification and resolution

• Design review

• Operations start-ups and real estate support

J|D has established strong relationships with major rental car companies and many of the small independent operators. We have been the consolidated voice of the many industry stakeholders who are committed to the success of high-performance rental car facilities.


J|D works with airlines to define, implement, and manage their airport construction projects. We can also represent your interests throughout an airport’s improvement project to make sure it doesn’t impact your operations, quality of service, or costs.

The benefits J|D brings airline clients stems from our understanding the airlines’ needs, those of other stakeholders, and how they all fit into the bigger picture so your vision can be realized. We save our clients money in the long run in several ways—by ensuring projects make it through the airport’s review and approval process, that they can be implemented within the overall needs of the airport, and you avoid redesign and other changes during construction that cause delays and increase project costs.

J|D’s skills and resources take projects from Concept to Completion, a capability unique in our industry. Here’s what our Concept to Completion ability means:

• We can help you define your project — scope, size, budget, and role within an airport’s overall operation.

• We can help you implement your project — define strategic phasing and construction phasing plans so new development doesn’t stop ongoing operations.

• We can manage your project — airlines are large complex organizations with a broad focus. We provide the dedicated, project and site-specific support that otherwise would be inefficient and expensive for airlines to staff on their own.

• We can represent your interests — not every project at an airport is controlled by the airlines, but almost all of them can impact your operations in one way or another. J|D identifies the issues that could impact your operations, develop solutions, and coordinate mitigation plans with the airport and other stakeholders.

Our airline experts are prepared to assist you with:

• Concept development and facility requirements — defining your needs and developing solutions to meet them through cost-effective and coordinated solutions.

• Operational planning/phasing — helping you build for the future and keep operating today.

• Construction coordination — few projects can exist on an island, particularly at an airport. We make sure yours fits into the bigger program or the bigger program can be coordinated with you.

• Negotiation support — identify what you need and what is negotiable to quickly gain mutual agreement with the airport. We keep you on schedule and save you money.

• Issue identification and resolution — we keep our clients’ interests out front, resolving issues before they create financial, operational, or scheduling impacts.

• Station start-ups and real estate support — you can’t be everywhere. Our staff, experienced with the needs of Airline Corporate Real Estate and Facilities, helps you enter new markets, expand service efficiently, and make the best use of your resources.


The Program Management Services Group within J|D provides professional strategic guidance to obtain success across a variety of projects and from design review through construction and implementation. Whether managing major ground transportation components for billion dollar modernization efforts or overseeing the construction of a retail facility in a constrained terminal, our project management team provides the leadership in coordination, communication, and critical issues resolution to keep projects moving forward without disrupting operations or jeopardizing schedules. Our understanding of and expertise with the implementation process enables us to assess the needs of the current phase of development as well as anticipate the unexpected and prepare alternatives. For public and private clients, J|D can be the consolidated management team of the many stakeholders in successfully planning and implementation of any capital improvement program.


With emphasis on safety, quality, and client satisfaction, the Construction Services Group within J|D performs general contractor services as well as self-perform construction work, complete critical and specialty tasks using our own crews and trades.

Self-performed work includes various architectural, earthwork, structural concrete, structural steel (fabrication and erection) and exterior improvements (concrete paving and curb and gutter installation). Our superintendents, quality control staff, planners, and LEED-Certified project engineers have the ability to coordinate this work along with various major trades (roofing, electrical and mechanical).

We also offer construction management and preconstruction planning services, including scheduling and cost estimating. We have the capacity to execute, monitor, control, and closeout multiple Design-Build and Bid-Build construction projects of all sizes.