J|D’s Management Services Group (MSG) provides organizational development and performance management strategic planning, workforce planning and training, and business and cultural diversity programs — with the purpose of helping organizations manage their human and other capital resources more efficiently, effectively, and competitively.

These services range from developing strategic plans to increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention, to assisting public and private sector clients diversify and enrich their employee base, identify new procurement opportunities, and benefit from the job-creation and economic value of using diverse suppliers in their supply chains.


We help clients achieve their strategic objectives by maximizing the use of their human resources. Utilizing surveys and other organizational analytics, we assist clients to identify and understand unique employee networks that formulate internal cultures within every organization. We develop strategic plans that employ methods that energize and transform organizational performance — increase employee engagement and internal promotions; decrease turnover and grievances — by aligning individual, team and organizational strategies and the key performance indicators.


Do you know that in the next three years, as many as 75 percent of an organization’s top performers will leave the organization for greener pastures? In the aviation industry, 40 percent of senior management will be retiring. What’s your plan to keep your talent or prepare for the exodus?

J|D helps organizations to develop and implement strategic talent management processes, preparing them to successfully compete in the global economy and capitalize quickly on new opportunities. The best talent management plan aligns the company’s strategic plan and overall business needs with talent acquisition, individual goal management, competency development, and succession planning.


J|D develops workshops and seminars for increasing the capacity and knowledge of industry best practices for businesses that lead to productive relationships with clients and the marketplace. Providing the supportive services assistance will increase contractual opportunities and contribute to the growth and eventual self-sufficiency of small business enterprises. J|D’s aim is to define results that will allow small business owners to compete for and perform contracts and subcontracts more profitably.

Corporate and Non-Profit Training and Development:

• Federal CFR Part 26 and 23 for Administrators of DBE Programs
• Community Engagement for Project Success
• Conducting Effective Board Business and Relations
• Building Teams for Diversity Success
• Supplier, Vendor Relationship Management


We have extensive experience in the design, execution, and management of diversity and inclusion programs. J|D guides owners requesting bids for services and goods through policy development, including procurement procedures and compliance requirements, and process improvement.

At J|D, we value cultural diversity at every level of the business. To assist our clients diversify and enrich their employee base, we approach projects by first aligning strategic goals with best practices. Our consultants will provide scorecards that identify key indicators to management helping to benchmark best in class and focus on cultural assets and strengths of the workforce based on organizational assessments.

Stellar organizations understand the economic development benefits and job-creation value of utilizing diverse suppliers in their supply chains and procurement opportunities. J|D provides supplier diversity programming that meet business objectives by reducing inefficiencies and organizational barriers when reaching out to obtain diverse talent and suppliers. J|D uses its 25+ years of business diversity experience to create and enhance supplier diversity programs for clients who are striving for the best in their business. J|D provides its client with a full-service turnkey business diversity platform.

• Federal- and state-assisted diversity inclusion programs
• Design and implementation of supplier diversity programs built on sustainable procurement strategies
• Stakeholder education and communications
• Project goal-setting
• Reporting & contract compliance
• Good faith effort plans
• Federal and third-party certifications and site visits


At the cornerstone of J|D’s business, relationships are the core asset of our outreach and strategic partnerships practice. Our keen ability to strategically connect organizations and individuals yields relationships that are sustainable and mutually beneficial, while creating winning solutions for clients and communities. J|D’s own internship program, for example, has provided promising college students the chance to develop invaluable career skills and experience. We’ve recently linked this program with the Airport Minority Advisory Council’s scholarships for students seeking careers in Aviation, Business Administration, Accounting, Architecture, Engineering, or Finance.

Community engagement is not a luxury, but a necessity including targeted communications and educational awareness of successful projects or new opportunities.

• Community relations
• Coalition-building
• Vendor searches/prequalification
• Event coordination (design, management, oversight)
• Communication management