It’s fair to say since our beginning in 2001, our firm’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable. From the beginning, we have used our core values to differentiate ourselves from other firms that do what we do. Our team is committed to the principle that success is measured in terms of client satisfaction and employee engagement. This success is accomplished by identifying the right staff members for each engagement and making sure our talent is invested in and excited about the work we do. I encourage independent-thinking consultants with the skills to achieve client project objectives. They are supported with the full breadth and depth of company resources which may be applied to each assignment to exceed client expectations. Our team of highly qualified associates offers a proven combination of specialized training and experience, technical competence, desire, and effort that makes our success possible.

Our success as a national company is more than a story of performance. It is a story of individual and collective growth, of integrating the right people with the right skills and experience into the right team, and of the commitment and focus to execute the work for our client partners. I firmly believe our diversified practices permit significant flexibility to pursue our passions while collaborating to improve the journey for each member of the team.

I am excited about the emerging leadership in the firm and what we have achieved for our clients. As we plan our continued growth with new associates and expanded services, we benefit from a daily commitment to our core values of diversity, growth, teamwork, customer-focus and professional development. This commitment will benefit our corporate culture, our clients, and the communities where we live and work.


In its most basic form, the J|D story is really about having the guts to launch an aviation consulting firm right after the tragic events of 9/11. The story may be simple, but rest assured, creating a company from nothing was anything but simple – to say nothing of the challenging environment created as a result of the worst aviation tragedy in history.

Years before starting J|D, Darryl was active in the Airport Minority Advisory Council as a board member and officer. He served on committees and chaired the national Airport Business Diversity conference five times. It was through this organization that he developed an admiration for the owners of small, women- and minority-owned businesses. He saw many small business owners excel in an industry that moved the nation. The toughest question he had to ask was – could he build a business and, if so, how could the business journey be different? This led him to the concept and vision of not just creating an aviation consulting firm, but a management and operations firm that provides opportunities for minorities and women and advocates for small, women- and minority-owned business programs.

After many long conversations in the fall of 2001, Darryl invited his colleague and friend Brad to join him in this mission and create a unique corporate culture within a very traditional transportation consulting industry. Both were enjoying successful careers as airport planning and implementation consultants, but the desire to build something new and unique moved their entrepreneurial spirit. They had developed an amazing working relationship and friendship and believed that their enthusiasm and vision would be recognized and embraced by others as well.

Clearly, starting a company was the really big decision. Darryl and Brad will tell you that every decision after that pales in comparison. They will also tell you that leadership is fueled by a tank full of optimism. To start and build a company, you have to be able to see the next opportunity and believe it can happen, even in the midst of adversity. That is how J|D came to be.




With staff located throughout the United States, Jacobsen|Daniels is in proximity to nearly any project in the country. Our staff includes teams of planners, engineers, architects, project managers, concessionaires, facility operators, and management strategists available to provide expert advice and services. We value a diverse workforce and believe it to be critical to providing the best services for our clients.



OUR VISION: To see the journey differently.
OUR MISSION: To improve the journey.At Jacobsen|Daniels, we look at things through a different lens. We see everything we touch as a journey, and to us, the journey is every bit as important as the destination. Whether it is a journey for the community, a journey for our clients, or a journey for our staff, our vision is to “See the journey, differently.” The best way to get from Point A to Point B may not always be the straight line. Diverging from the direct path uncovers things to be learned and experiences to be had. Our mission is “To improve the journey.” We strive to not simply take the easiest or most obvious path, but to find the right path for every situation. We believe that through our core values, we can improve the journey for all our staff, our clients, and our communities.


CUSTOMER FOCUS We will always provide the best service, products, and recommended solutions to our internal and external stakeholders. We work diligently to treat our clients exceptionally well, and we do everything possible to give them new, value-added services. We understand this focus differentiates us from other service providers. We affirm that reliable, dedicated, honest, respectful, and humble service is our way to build loyalty and trust.
DIVERSITY We believe in freedom and the ability to choose. We understand we have a social responsibility to each other, our clients, and the communities we serve. We affirm that our journey evolves around our belief that our cultural differences enlighten us, our unique training strengthens us, and our corporate culture emboldens us.
GROWTH We believe in seeking out and nurturing opportunities through new and expanded services, projects, and concepts to excite each other and open our creativity. We understand that with growth, we increase our prospect for additional staff, resources, revenue, and profit. We affirm that our journey includes prudent investments in people, processes, and procedures necessary to fuel our ambition.
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT We believe in giving our best effort to achieve excellence. Expertise and competency is achieved through mentoring, experience, training, practice, and performance. We understand that our qualifications and professionalism are necessary to succeed. We affirm that our journey is improved when we enhance our capabilities, skills and experiences.
TEAMWORK We believe collaboration delivers products and solutions cheaper, faster, and better. We strive to create a fun, empowering work place where employees enjoy their colleagues and their work. We understand that working together means using our corporate resources across practice areas, offices and disciplines to enhance staff engagement and communication We affirm that our different perspectives and opinions can be used to improve our products and services and create greater satisfaction.


Jacobsen|Daniels frequently partners with businesses across our industry. We believe in providing opportunities to small and minority-owned businesses in support of our project work as well as supporting our partners in pursuit of their objectives. We know our partners share our values, and our alliances provide our clients and customers a range of services to solve their problems. Our partnerships are built to be dynamic, flexible, and effective for Jacobsen|Daniels, our partners, clients and customers. We are always looking for partnerships to strengthen our teams and to assist with anticipated growth.


Our journey entails a belief that we are a part of the communities we live in and serve and we are committed to giving back responsibly. Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is fundamental to our identity. We embrace causes that not only reflect our values, but impact the lives of those in our communities and around the country. We believe it is a part of our mission to extend our expertise by giving to such areas as health and wellness, the environment, community development, cultural activities, scholarship, and education. We are bold to imagine that we can empower people through career opportunities and service.

In the J|D Sustainability Roadmap we express our commitment as responsible environmental stewards through continuous improvement, monitoring, and application of sustainability into daily operations. We recognize that the rewards of implementing sustainability into operations are realized socially, as we give back to our communities, economically, as we save money through better management of our resources, and environmentally, as we lessen our impact on the planet. We affirm that sustainability is a journey and commit to enhancing our practices to lessen our environmental footprint.

Sustainability Roadmap



J|D is a certified DBE and ACDBE company. We also hold many MBE and SBE certifications in the cities and states where we do business. We view our certification status as a value-added component to all the other attributes we bring to the table. Our certifications can help airports and their tenants meet minority participation goals and are important for private sector clients who value supplier diversity. Our certifications are not a guarantee of a percentage of the work. They are, however, a valuable tool for us and our clients to distinguish themselves from competitors, help fulfill minority participation goals, and bring well-rounded and unique perspectives to projects.


J|D is a proud member of the Airport Consultants Council (ACC), the Airport Minority Advisory Council (AMAC), and a Corporate Member of the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE).

In addition, many of our staff are affiliated through various organizations such as: American Institute of Architects (AIA), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), American Planning Association (APA), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).