J|D recently began work in the ALO at Miami International Airport (MIA), led by Sandra Cisneros. To date, the J|D team has established and streamlined communication channels between the Miami Airport Affairs Committee (MAAC) and Miami-Dade Aviation Department and began clarifying their differing expectations to provide painless solutions to miscommunication and common agreement on task decisions.

Moving forward, the J|D team is focused on maintaining these communication channels and building upon these relationships to provide financial and technical analysis and recommendations that meet both party’s goals and expectations.

To further strengthen communication and clear understanding, we launched a website solely for the MAAC where all news, meetings, events, documents, presentations, and exchanges between the MAAC, Miami-Dade Aviation Departments, the ALO, and all other partners that serve MIA.

We are facilitating and coordinating efforts on behalf of the MAAC and MDAD as it relates to new MIIs and the newly approved CIP program, and developing protocols for budget and rates & charges related activity to align with the new Airline Use Agreement.


  • Prepared a task list to carry out MAAC duties as outlined in the Airline Use Agreement for tracking accountability and deliverables
  • Established continuous sessions with key airport staff to understand the airport’s goals and create a path of communication between all stakeholders and partners
  • Launched a MAAC website for sharing key information such as, news, meetings, events, documents, presentations, and exchanges between stakeholders