Representing the airlines serving Chicago O’Hare during the Airport’s $6.6 billion modernization program, Jacobsen|Daniels has been a central resource for providing technical support, construction coordination, maintaining ongoing operations without disruption, and verification that all of the program’s goals are being met.

Jacobsen|Daniels is the single, dedicated point of contact for the airlines and for all the project stakeholders whose interests and own operations relate to those of the airlines— airport operations, program managers, FAA air traffic controllers, and the City of Chicago.

J|D’s largest focus is overseeing the program management and implementation—from design through construction.

Phase I of this program comprises two new replacement runways, a runway extension, relocation of airport support facilities including two cargo buildings, and infrastructure improvements. Given the intricate phasing and scheduling these projects require, Jacobsen|Daniels’ representation makes sure the construction and plans proceed without affecting the airlines’ aircraft, passengers, facility operations, and employees.

On a day-to-day level, Jacobsen|Daniels handles a range of diverse duties, including making field inspections, meeting with stakeholders, coordinating and communicating runway closures and scheduling changes, as well as resolving unexpected problems that arise—whether on the airfield or roadways. Our technical contributions have ranged from re-designating new runways, identifying new NAVAID locations, to creating alternative access roadways for airline employees.


  • Provides Program management oversight—from design review through construction and implementation
  • Provides technical contributions to maintain safe & efficient operations without disruption
  • Coordinates and builds consensus between airlines and all stakeholders