Who We Are

Detroit is our hometown – a city known for hard work, energetic culture, local pride, and a dedication to improving transportation. We are proud of our Detroit heritage and we embrace the obligations of stewardship and social justice from that legacy. Our commitment as transportation advocates involves engaging the public and seeking projects that are environmentally sustainable as well as economically feasible.

By respecting the heritage of the natural and built environment, we honor the legacy of the past. We are motivated by an obligation to be innovative with our resources, so we minimize harm to the symbols of the past. We believe in prudently incorporating the technology of the future is one way we respect the cultural heritage of the communities we serve.

For us, it is not just work, it is a passion for helping clients achieve their goals and improving the journey for every passenger that experiences our projects and operations. Our passion informs how we see each project as a vital part of our legacy of quality and comfort. We see each client and each passenger in a unique way and each journey as an experience through which we all grow and develop into who we want to be. We see the journey, differently.

Our Vision

We see the journey, differently

Our Mission

To improve the journey

Our Values

Customer Focus
Professional Development