Airline Representation

Navigating Your Journey with a Trusted On-the-Ground Ally

At J|D, we understand you can’t be everywhere at once, especially if you’re miles away. That’s where we come in. As your Airline Representative, we’re more than just eyes and ears – we’re problem solvers, relationship builders, and solution finders. We’re there to smooth out wrinkles before they become major setbacks, ensuring your operations run seamlessly.

Need to strike deals with airports? Leave it to us. Our negotiation prowess and collaborative approach pave the way for fair agreements and timely project delivery, all while keeping your priorities front and center.

Trust us to be your steadfast ally, so you can focus on soaring to new heights. With J|D by your side, your journey begins with confidence and peace of mind.

Primary Contact

Mike Hanlon

Vice President

Chicago, IL

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