ORD – Airport Liaison Office & Terminal Area Program Coordination

Spearheading Coordination Efforts for Airlines at Chicago O’Hare International Airport Amid $8.5 Billion Expansion Program

Jacobsen|Daniels (J|D) serves as the Airline Liaison Office (ALO) at Chicago O’Hare International Airport serving as a single, dedicated point of contact between the airlines and all project stakeholders, whose interests and operations relate to those of the airlines – airport operations, program managers, FAA air traffic controllers, and the City of Chicago’s Department of Aviation (CDA). J|D’s technical representation entails the coordination of various program stakeholders and working with them to resolve issues that may impact airline operations or financial concerns.

J|D’s ALO responsibilities included an integral coordination role for the airlines in the implementation of the $8.5 billion O’Hare 21 program. The program included the $6.1 billion Terminal Area Program (TAP) which is an expansion of the airport’s overall terminal capacity through the build-out of two new satellite concourses and rebuilding of Terminal 2 into a new international arrivals terminal and concourse facility. As part of the TAP coordination, J|D has worked with the CDA and their program management team to coordinate the design review process for the airlines.

J|D also plays a key role in helping the CDA team develop their messaging and presentations in such a way that it can be more clearly understood by the airlines, refine the concepts to minimize and address airline concerns, and help build consensus around decision making on key program elements. J|D participates with or on behalf of the airlines in numerous stakeholder design and coordination meetings to help shape the overall definition of the program. J|D is also helping focus and refine the overall construction phasing program,
communicating airline issues and concerns and working to develop solutions that minimize potential operational impacts.


  • Technical coordination during the design review process helped ensure that key airline stakeholders were always included during design meetings so that regular dialogue was maintained, and an understanding of the program and its impacts were best understood.
  • Provided Program management oversight—from design review through construction and implementation.
  • Provided technical contributions to maintain safe and efficient operations without disruption.
  • Built consensus between airlines and all stakeholders.


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Chicago, Illinois


  • Program Management
  • Airport Liaison Office
  • Stakeholder Coordination & Engagement
  • Strategic Communications Development
  • Technical Representation
  • Construction Phasing Refinement

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