MIA: Airport Liaison Office

Streamlining Communication and Enhancing Financial Models at Miami International Airport

Led by Sandra Cisneros, Jacobsen|Daniels began work as the Airport Liaison Office (ALO) at Miami International Airport (MIA) in 2019. To date, the J|D team has established and streamlined communication channels between the Miami Airport Affairs Committee (MAAC) and Miami-Dade Aviation Department and began clarifying their differing expectations to provide painless solutions to miscommunication and common agreement on task decisions.

J|D continues to focus on maintaining these communication channels and building upon these relationships to provide financial and technical analysis and recommendations that meet both airline goals and expectations, while providing guidance and coordination on Airport Affairs, and operational and financial efficiencies at MIA. The team is facilitating and coordinating efforts and producing ongoing project evaluation on behalf of the MAAC as it relates to new MIIs and the $6B CIP program.

In addition, J|D has developed clear and reliable financial models for the budget and rates &charges related activity to align with the new Airline Use Agreement and expanded to include CPE impacts stemming from CIP scope changes.


  • Successfully maintained landing fees flat for three consecutive years and reduced the annual operational budget.
  • Initiated a conditional first-in-series of MIIs at $315M focusing on design-only and design + construction projects, resulting in a reduced upfront commitment and ensuring a collaborative approach between the airport and the airline committee on Capital Program Development and deepened ALO/MAAC engagement.
  • Successfully limited the impact and scope of the proposed concession agreement while obtaining greater customer benefits to the new agreement.


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Miami, Florida


  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Financial Analysis
  • Technical Analysis

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