Capital Programs & Infrastructure

Your Partner in Prestigious Aviation Programs

At our core, we’re passionate about crafting the very backbone of your airport campus – the runways, airfields, ConRAC’s, and beyond. While infrastructure might not always steal the spotlight, its importance reverberates through every corner of the airport.

More than advisors; we’re pragmatic partners deeply invested in the success of your endeavors. We excel in navigating the complexities of public-private partnerships, joint ventures, and multi-party investors. Our suite of solutions is tailored to address every aspect of your project – from financial strategies to meticulous asset management. J|D stand’s ready to help you navigate the obstacles and unique challenges inherent in Capital Projects and Infrastructure initiatives. From inception to decommissioning, we’re your steadfast companions, journeying together to transform visions into realities, one bold transformational project at a time.

Capital Projects & Infrastructure Services:

  • ConRAC Development
  • Capital Program Management
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Decommissioning Assistance
  • Financial Structuring

Primary Contact

Carter Strothman

Vice President

Chicago, IL

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