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Driving Strategic Consulting for RAC Reallocation

J|D was hired as an on-call consultant to the Columbus Regional Airport Authority throughout the planning and construction phases of the RAC reallocation process, providing technical rental car operational expertise and extension of staff services.

The project scope included: financial analysis and recommendations on rent, operational analysis and recommendation on RAC operations, analysis of common and critical systems within the existing facility. Along with an assessment of the facility and any improvements required to provide adequate level of service during the remaining use period.

In addition, J|D assessed the operational and financial impacts associated with the implementation of a new near-term RAC reallocation lease for use of the existing parking facility while the new ConRAC was developed. This effort required coordination between the RACs, their contractors, and the Authority to ensure that project intent was realized and that deliverables were completed within their scheduled timelines.


  • Provided recommendations on audit language, new market entrants, and operating out of a reduced footprint.
  • Assisted in negotiating a new near-term lease with an update on the rents paid for the use of the existing parking facility.


Project Details


Capital Programs & Infrastructure


Columbus, Ohio


  • Rental Car Operations Expertise
  • Extension of Staff
  • Facilities Assessment
  • Financial Analysis

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