SMF: On Call & Master Planning

Enhancing Efficiency and Savings in Sacramento Airport Planning, Paving the Way for Future Development

In 2018, Sacramento County Department of Airports retained Jacobsen|Daniels (J|D) to provide On-Call Planning Services at Sacramento International Airport (SMF). Under this agreement, J|D has provided extensive landside facility planning and advance-planning services for a Consolidated Rental Car (ConRAC) facility. This effort validated and refined programmatic and planning assumptions, provided comparative analysis for facility alternatives, and resulted in a preferred concept which will ultimately result in the programmatic development document (PDD).

As part of this effort, J|D staff developed a comprehensive landside model to evaluate potential impacts from the various facility alternatives for siting of rental car, ground transportation, roadway and parking facilities. This included a preparing a detailed analysis of the effect on public and employee parking, allowing the County to make decisions based on projected demand and financial impacts. Staff also updated the rental car space program based on current industry requirements while also analyzing rental car activity data at SMF and any additional impacts from other ground transportation trends. This analysis was largely focused on TNC activity at the Airport and in the region and how the adoption trends for SMF are not necessarily in line with those of nearby Bay Area airports.

J|D’s scope was expanded to include supporting the County’s staff to produce an update to their Airport Master Plan. J|D served at the prime consultant on this effort and reviewed/synthesized recently updated studies prepared by the County’s consultant teams to develop the basis for the update and also performing additional analysis as needed. By taking this approach, J|D saved the County significant effort and cost and was able to work with the County’s junior planning staff through the process and analyses needed to prepare the plan.

J|D staff also facilitated stakeholder coordination with rental car companies, ground transportation providers and others.


  • Detailed landsite model analysis establishing ground transportation trends and future facility requirements.
  • Development of walkable ConRAC facility alternatives and potential multi-modal facilities to maximize return on investment, with emphasis on tenant engagement.
  • Planning for creation of a Ground Transportation Center (GTC) curb that will serve both terminals and consolidate all commercial traffic in one location for curb optimization and improved customer service.


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Sacramento, California


  • Planning
  • On-Call Planning
  • ConRac Facility Development
  • Technical Analysis
  • Stakeholder Coordination

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