ORD | ConRAC Tenant Representation & Service Center Reallocation

Spearheading O’Hare ConRAC Expansion and Reallocation Project for Enhanced Rental Car Services

As the O’Hare ConRAC, LLC (RAC) Tenant Representative, and in collaboration with the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA), J|D led the reallocation efforts of existing rental car services center sites to allow for two new entrants and expansion into decommissioned airport parking lots. This work is part of the overall program for moving the rental car customer operations to a new ConRAC, to clear the way for a new runway. In addition to the service center site reallocations, J|D led the effort to refine the ConRAC lease space allocations to best align with the built environment. This effort included using industry best practices to define the allotted Exclusive Use Areas (EUA), and layout shared floor EUAs that best serve the needs of each of the floor tenants.

J|D led all coordination and collaboration between the five rental car companies, the CDA staff, and the multiple consultants that worked on the ConRAC Program. J|D chaired all RAC meetings (with the RAC industry group and individually with each brand) and gathered all RAC and CDA comments and concerns, especially as related to EUAs, and weighted these items with the needs and requirements of the program. In the end, the CDA made all final determinations, and the result was a ConRAC that opened on schedule, and a service center site reallocation project that will align with the opening of the runway.


  • Created mock-allocation drawings that divided 60-acre allotment into operationally usable rental car lots, while integrating with existing and future Airport land use needs.
  • Coordinated and collaborated between CDA and Rental Car Companies to establish final lease limit lines.
  • Continues to be the clearing house for all stakeholder comments, issues and conflict prevention, management, and resolution.
  • Provided integration of Industry Best Practices of lease space limits and operational needs.


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Chicago, Illinois


  • Tenant Representation
  • Land Use Modeling
  • Stakeholder Coordination
  • Facilities Assessment
  • Program Delivery

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