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James H. Mitchell

Geospatial Managing Consultant


James Mitchell is an experienced GIS Specialist, whose lifelong passion for aviation led him to pursue a position at Jacobsen|Daniels in 2017. With over a decade of experience in the field, Mr. Mitchell instinctively saw the need to implement web-based mapping applications into the company’s GIS infrastructure when he joined the firm. Under his leadership, this shift has enhanced the way GIS information is presented, both internally and externally. Mr. Mitchell’s implementation and utilization of web-based mapping applications has allowed real-time team collaboration, both within Jacobsen|Daniels and amongst J|D clients, also providing real time customization for deliverables.

Benefiting from Mr. Mitchell’s consultation and expertise, the development of the Los Angeles World Airport Real Estate platform paved the way for the creation of a series of web-based maps, designed to illustrate Right of Way Acquisition and Demolition status, amongst other elements, all in support of the Landside Access Modernization Program (LAMP). These web-based platforms also provide spreadsheet details and hardcopy map links, within the different map displays, via user-friendly interactive maps, accompanied by pop-up parcel data. The tremendous success of the LAMP platform has led to the launch of the Land Asset Database (LAD) Program, which will include interactive maps for leasing agreements and properties and is expanding to include airport-wide information.

Mr. Mitchell’s recommended web-based mapping approach has been adopted into all of the GIS engagements, capturing J|D’s mission to “Improve the Journey“ and fulfilling J|D’s vision to “see the journey differently.” With the sole purpose of empowering our clients with the best tools and resources, resulting in enhanced access to view their data. This calling-card approach led Mr. Mitchell, along with J|D Geospatial Team, to collaborate on internal FAA projects and other confidential spatial studies, along with adding visual aids to FAA environmental studies.

Mr. Mitchell has also worked on a multitude of web-based mapping applications for multiple airports and municipal agencies throughout the nation. In 2020, Mr. Mitchell was recognized by Airport Magazine Top 40 Under 40, due to his innovative approaches within the aviation industry and his drive to make GIS suitable for the masses. As a personal professional goal, Mr. Mitchell strives to deliver user-friendly programs that can be enhanced and expanded over time, to create a system that continuously preserves data, by gradually entrusting users to ultimately maintain their own data through the use of web-based mapping applications.

Q & A with James

What is the best part of your job?

In the world of GIS, there’s a great satisfaction in taking complex challenges and transforming them into straightforward solutions. This is what I enjoy most about my work – helping clients navigate complex GIS tasks and making them seem uncomplicated.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Spending quality time with my family is a cornerstone of my life. Whether it’s attending church events together, coaching my kids’ activities, or volunteering with youth programs in our community, these moments are incredibly rewarding.

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?

I’m incredibly proud of our team’s accomplishments. We’ve consistently secured new engagements and delivered high-quality work on ongoing projects. This success is fueled by the valuable insights I gained from my mentor, Vince Hamilton, former JD GIS Director. I’m also incredibly grateful for the support of my entire management team, particularly the leadership and mentorship of Jacob Sotsky. Looking ahead, I’m energized to continue this momentum and contribute to the ongoing growth of J|D GIS.

Do you follow any sports teams?

As a San Diego native living in Los Angeles, I bring a unique perspective to the sports world! While I appreciate some of the LA teams (not the Dodgers), my heart belongs to San Diego’s Padres. Tony Gwynn was my childhood hero, and I’ve been a lifelong fan. My love for basketball extends to the Phoenix Suns. Their exciting style of play, especially during the Charles Barkley and Ken Johnson era, really drew me in as a fan.

What is your favorite movie genre?

I’m a huge action movie buff! Bond. James Bond. That was a special tradition I shared with my mom growing up. We’d catch every new 007 release together. My wife continues the action hero tradition with me now. It seems like every summer blockbuster, especially the latest Mission: Impossible film, conveniently lands right around my birthday – a perfect excuse for a movie date night!

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