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Miriam L’Engle


Capital Programs & Infrastructure

Ms. L’Engle has over 25 years of experience in Project and Construction Management, Project Development, and Architectural Design having worked in mostly commercial projects and coordinating project representatives, consultants, and authorities for all phases. During 2014 to 2016 Ms. L’Engle’ was a part of the Design Build Team for the consolidated rental car facility project at the San Diego International Airport. As the Architectural Design Administrator and liaison to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, Ms. L’Engle led the design revisions effort and created all related Architectural Supplemental Instructions in coordination with other Engineers and RAC Industry representatives. She also provided construction observation and oversight during the construction phase, working with airport engineering staff to ensure program requirements aligned with RAC operating agreements with the airport and were programmed, designed, and ultimately constructed properly, including review of all submittals, responses to RFIs and related QA/QC team engagement.

From 2017 to the present, Ms. L’Engle has been the Tenant Engagement Coordinator on the LAX ConRAC Project, responsible for coordination of the Concession and Lease Agreement (CLA) with the Technical Provisions (TPs) of the DBFOM Agreement. Miriam has been responsible for RAC Industry engagement throughout the design and construction phases, including meeting and schedule coordination, ensuring timely responses from all parties from a schedule management perspective. During the DBFOM Procurement Phase, Ms. L’Engle engaged the Rental Car Industry in the Design Proposal evaluations and analysis of Alternative Technical Concepts. She currently is supporting the Project Management Team and representing LAWA by ensuring on-going compliance with the Technical Provisions as these relate to the specific requirements of the CLA.

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