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Rick Griffin

Associate Vice President

Construction & Program Management

Building on 18 years of practice in architecture, Mr. Griffin has focused on Design and Construction Project Management services for various public and private entities over the past 25 years. While a significant portion of his focus has been dedicated to developing consolidated rental car facilities specifically designed for use by the Rental Car (RAC) Industry, Mr. Griffin’s experience includes several projects across a wide range of clientele – including major airlines, credit card companies, municipalities, public utilities, and schools. Comprehensive Design and Construction Project Management requires a thorough understanding of all phases of the development process. Mr. Griffin’s background in architecture has afforded him the sensitivity to the design process at all levels – from scoping of the A/E services and fee, through conceptual design, design development, to the development of construction documents and implementation of the design as the construction administrator, facilitating the procurement of furnishings, and ultimately move management. As a Program Manager, Mr. Griffin has developed an understanding of projects and facilities from the Owner’s perspective – from helping establish the initial scope, schedule and budget, identification of procurement options for design and construction (including weighing the pros and cons of various alternative delivery methods), selection of the design and construction commissioning entities, engaging and managing independent cost estimators entities to validate program costs and the design and construction process from initial phasing plans through to final activation of the facility. Mr. Griffin uses his unique and diverse background to communicate effectively with all components of the development team.

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