DTW: Safety Management System

Revitalizing Detroit Metro’s North Terminal: A Collaborative Approach to Modernizing

J|D was selected as a part of a team to develop a Safety Management System (SMS) for Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport under the Federal Aviation Administration’s Airport Safety Management System Pilot Program. This collaboration created a practical and efficient balance between safety and operational management.

As part of the first step of developing the SMS, the team conducted a Gap Analysis and compared existing safety and operational components with SMS program requirements; identifying all operational elements that required refinement or development.

Once the Gap Analysis was completed, a Safety Management System was devised including the creation of a Safety Management Manual which delineated the system’s structure, key roles and responsibilities, implementation procedures and overall policies and objectives of the airport.

Using the Safety Manual as a guide, the team developed an Implementation Plan to fill the operational needs identified in the Gap Analysis; implement the system-wide processes, procedures, and resources; and outline the necessary requirements for a successful culture shift throughout the entire organization. Now in place, the SMS has achieved the goals of identifying safety hazards, reducing risks and hazards, and providing continuous monitoring of the safety performance using safety policies and objectives.

JDA Accomplishments

  • Operational and Safety Gap Analysis
  • Safety Manual System (SMS) Formation
  • SMS Implementation Plan
  • Operational and Procedural Monitoring


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Detroit, Michigan


Safety Management System Development

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